Grab your lifevest

We're going swimming!

What do you think of these ideas for fellowship and study?

1. T.G.I.F. time  Day #6 is: Friday, January 7th at 5:00p.m. at the TGIF Fridays on Tiedeman and I480. Click HERE to GET CAUGHT UP on the series. 

2. Open Prayer a couple times a week - you can sit in the church, or walk the city with us.  Maybe Wednesdays after our noontime Music Near the Market, and a couple Saturdays?

3. Pre-service talks at 9:00am Sundays?

What other ideas do you have? 

Email us at and let's talk!

The Lord's Work: 

Annual Tap Christmas Party

Our TAP (Trinity Assisting People) Christmas Party on December 11th was a success! Thank you to everyone who helped out and may we continue our connection to the families we served that day!  

Thanks to St. Mark Brunswick, and Kevin & Delsey Brown for the music! 

If you'd like to donate toward events like this, you can click here:  Donate If you'd like to volunteer to help call 216-281-1700