Grab your lifevest

We're going swimming!

What do you think of these ideas for fellowship and study?

1. Open Prayer a couple times a week - you can sit in the church, or walk the city with us.  Maybe Wednesdays after our noontime Music Near the Market, and a couple Saturdays?

2. T.G.I.F. time for fun and study each week?

3. Pre-service talks at 9:00am Sundays?

What other ideas do you have? Email us at and let's talk!

Pentecost: may 23

New Members and confirmation service

What a glorious day Pentecost is, and this year it was especially meaningful because we confirmed two of our youth, and had four parishioners officially join our congregation! Welcome to Mike and Carol Rinella, Cathy Brown, and Brenda Jeffi! And blessings to Trey Roe and Lacey White as they confirmed their faith in Christ and their will to be true members of Trinity! 


Kathy: Psalm 91:1                  Brenda: John 15:51               Mike: 1 John 3:1

Carol: 1 John 1:7                     Lacey: Isaiah 41:10                Trey: Proverbs 3:6