Grab your lifevest

We're going swimming!

What do you think of these ideas

for fellowship and study?

1. T.G.I.F. time  Day #2 is: Friday, October 15th at 5:00p.m. at the TGIF Fridays on Tiedeman and I480.

2. Open Prayer a couple times a week - you can sit in the church, or walk the city with us.  Maybe Wednesdays after our noontime Music Near the Market, and a couple Saturdays?

3. Pre-service talks at 9:00am Sundays?

What other ideas do you have? 

Email us at and let's talk!

The Lord's Work: 

Renovation of community center has begun!

Thank you to Dave Onysko for coordinating, and to Rick Huston and volunteers from St. Mark's Chesterland for designing and building this much-needed ramp! This will accommodate many of the people we serve in our clothing ministry and community meal, as well as people from the West Side Catholic Center who use this as a warming center in the cold months .  The last step is to put up skirting on the sides.  

We've also begun work on the inside of the Community Center! Anyone who'd like to donate toward this can click here:  Donate If you'd like to volunteer to help call 216-281-1700