general operating expenses

Even the smallest amount will be used toward God's will for this city and congregation.  One-time, monthly, or quarterly gifts are easy to do just by clicking below.  

building renovations & maintenance

Currently, we have a campaign to renovate the Community Center gym floor, and the basement. We're moving our food pantry to the basement, and converting the other half to a social & fellowship area. 

Other projects include: 

* Re-siding the office building.

* Renovating the inside of the Church building in 2022-2023.

Social ministries

We have an extensive list of outreach ministries that help all of our neighbors. The TAP Team ranges from food and clothing giveaways, visits to the homeless, shut-ins, Celebrate Recovery program. All need support to continue to provide these services monthly.


Fall Fun Night 9/29 - Volunteers and candy donations welcome!

Christmas Social with the Food Pantry on 12/11.  If anyone would like to adopt a Food Pantry family, please call 216-281-1700. 

youth & fellowship

We're focused on more fellowship and youth development now that Covid restrictions are lighter. 

We're currently involved in the Family & Faith Night at the Cavs in March 2022, and need help with sponsorships for families who can't afford the price of the tickets.