Grab your lifevest

We're going swimming!

With all of the changes we've been through over the last few years, we feel a need to rethink our path; make sure we're going in the right direction.  Do you have a fire in your heart to grow? We do, and we want input from anyone who wants to give two cents! We've survived Covid, our faith is being increased by the Lord each day, and now... it's time to swim and see how far we can go.  Give us a call, and ask more about where we're going! 

Pentecost: may 23

New Members and confirmation service

What a glorious day Pentecost is, and this year it was especially meaningful because we confirmed two of our youth, and had four parishioners officially join our congregation! Welcome to Mike and Carol Rinella, Cathy Brown, and Brenda Jeffi! And blessings to Trey Roe and Lacey White as they confirmed their faith in Christ and their will to be true members of Trinity! 


Kathy: Psalm 91:1                  Brenda: John 15:51               Mike: 1 John 3:1

Carol: 1 John 1:7                     Lacey: Isaiah 41:10                Trey: Proverbs 3:6